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RE: Battlefield 1 Tips - purebeau69 - 11-10-2016

so the Martini Henry sniper rifle (the one you unlock at Scout Class Rank 10) is ridiculous. It's not a one shot kill at any range (inside 20 yards or so; and outside 125 yards or so it will not kill with one shot) but on most maps once you get the feel of it, this rifle is a serious force. Since it doesn't have a scope it allows you to be a more aggressive sniper which fits my play style. One thing I did to practice was use another non-scoped rifle before I hit rank 10. It helped a lot even though the Martini has different ballistics. At closer ranges, learning the noob combo is a must i.e. shoot your rifle and if you land a hit, immediately pull out your pistol and finish them with one or two shots.

The only drawback to the Martini is that it's a one shot rifle meaning you only get one bullet in the chamber at a time. You really have to land your shots to be effective and learn to move around cover otherwise you'll die constantly while reloading the damn thing.