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Nostalgia Night - Psycho - 10-04-2016

When: Oct 8th at 8pm PST
What: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Why: BecauseĀ 

There is still a thriving community of BC2 and we aren't part of it. Being that a lot of us met playing BC2, I think we should rekindle that fun and take a long walk down the beaches of Isla Innocentes and see if we still got it.

So reinstall and lets see if we can get a few people to squad up and ignore the objective, flip some tanks over helicopters, troll newbs in Dallas, and do that Filthy shuffle.

Be there or be not there....whatever.

RE: Nostalgia Night - Forbes - 10-04-2016

Damn! That sounds like fun.

Odds are against me making it, but I will try for sure

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RE: Nostalgia Night - purebeau69 - 10-04-2016

are there still full-ish servers for this game?

RE: Nostalgia Night - Psycho - 10-04-2016

(10-04-2016, 01:01 PM)purebeau69 Wrote: are there still full-ish servers for this game?

I played last night for 2 hours on about 3 different full servers. The community is alive and well for BC2.

RE: Nostalgia Night - purebeau69 - 10-05-2016

I downloaded it last night.

RE: Nostalgia Night - Issom - 10-05-2016

Sweet I am in as well.

RE: Nostalgia Night - DubS - 10-05-2016

I'll get it installed, but I cant guarantee that I will be there. I am still technically on call with work and will be until Monday the 10th. We shall see what happens though. Count me in if I'm around.

RE: Nostalgia Night - Psycho - 10-05-2016

Issom pointed out that I am likely the only one that lives on the West Coast (best coast). So I will be around far earlier than the original time of 8PM PST.

RE: Nostalgia Night - Stynzerman - 10-05-2016

I am all set! Cya then

RE: Nostalgia Night - Stynzerman - 10-07-2016

well 2 0f us made it lmao