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Burning Subject Regarding Spincs - Spincs - 07-28-2016

Few days ago i was banned from the DGC TS by Dubs, well today i was approached by them the create a topic to express my side of the story, so today im making this to express my feelings and stand point of the stuff i dealt with during the time frame of the last month and a half. Starting from the start of the time stuff started happening, i started hearing comments from dubs and phakin, expressing that i was annoying, childish, and immature, from my that point of time i tried to do better, i tried to talk less, and no ask questions, i just tried to play the game like anyone would, but when i asked a question, i would sometimes get a question but when dubs was around, i would get told to go look it up, to stop being lazy, and this is only because dubs was tired of bustacaps asking questions about the game, and not making a mental note of that. Whenever a subject was brought up, whether it would be, "What did you eat tonight everyone", to "Hey how do i make my item stronger", or even, " does anyone know what this random thing does", anyone would put their input in the subjects or questions, but when i commented on stuff, i just get called dumb, retarded, or a fool for not using google, pretty much hateful comments. 
I understand you need a sense of humor to make and take a joke, and i do, but dubs made comments that were not a joke, not humorous, not funny, just straight out of the box hateful to any one he said them to. I bit my tonge for the entire time, sometimes i approached certain users, asking them to see if they could talk to dubs, or try to figure out why hes being hateful to me alone, Well after that, he started to be aggressivly agressive to me, Calling me out on stuff that regarded the game BDO, saying im play a game wrong, that i just skip through the content and miss out on stuff, and being in a hatful smartass tone to me, so i reply to it saying, i play the game the way i want to, it doesnt matter how i play, at least i have fun, well the days continue on. I kept hearing shit from dub mainly, calling me immature, and what not, NOT ONCE did he approach me 1v1, and talked to me, NOT A SNGLE time. What i trying to get to is that dubs for some reason has a flaming passion to hate mpersonally, and has always since i met him, and it comes down to it and hes expressed this many time, he does not like a younger person trying to fit into a group of older people, but what he doesnt under stand that i just wanted to play the game/games with a group of people, so i left to go on my dirthday trip to the beach for a week, let everything cool down in the process, i just come back to him still being hatful, so pretty much a few days ago i got tired of it and poked phakin to find out why he and dubs had me muted, he didnt reply, so over a few day i poked him 4 more time to find out, nothing. So the day i was banned i was talking to someone about something and bus and phakin just talked over me because i was muted, so i poke phakin one last time, saying "So do you and dub have me muted just to piss me off?", ithen dubs and phakin went quite for a bit then dubs makes the comment, and this is why no one likes you, so i make the comment, "Karduel do you like me?", and then dumbs kicks me from the ts with the reason of spamming pokes to DGC member or something like that, Well he kicks me another time right after i join, and so i leave the ts and i dont join anymore, i send sieze the messege saying" im done withthat group tired of the shit i put up with from them, and fuck dubs hes just a fat fuck", so i get permed by dubs for the reason, "Who's the Fat Fuck Now??? Deuces.....", Seems like after taking one hateful name the guy got upset, some maturity he has as a so called leader.... , so its whatever, my point stands here today, dubs, so what im 19, so what im younger than the people i played with, atleast at the end of the day i showed my maturity by biting my tounge and continued on with my day and not talked shit everyday to someone that you dislike, in the eyes of people thats maturity, but what you did was the real immature thing. Im done.

RE: Burning Subject Regarding Spincs - Karduel - 07-28-2016

Oh boy, where to start?
Spincs you requested the ban from the forums so you could make a case to be reviewed to be allowed to get on TS again. No where in your post have you asked for this. You're showing your maturity level by making a stab at Dubs and Phakin with this post. You have had multiple talks with Mytheos, Seize, and myself as well as Dubs and Phakin when you began playing with us about your actions, attitudes and repetitive questions and you turn around and continued them to the point of being an annoying, immature player. The only person who had you muted was Phakin and that was so he wouldn't blow his top and say something ugly to you and what do you do? By you own words "i poked him 4 more time to find out". Really? Just keep aggravating him! Sounds like maturity. Dubs heard you, no mute needed, he just ignored you. Your lack of ability to sense when you're aggravating someone shows your maturity.
We're all here to play a game, including Dubs. When he takes time to repetitively answer questions, he's not enjoying the game himself. I myself have asked questions that I could easily looked up myself and Dubs doesn't mind answering from time to time but he's even let me know that it's getting too much for him. The "I take Pearls for payments" response is usually a good indicator he is reaching his limit. Besides, he has helped us all with all the links to websites that he has found to help find information for ourselves. Dubs has gone above and beyond to help clanmates (and "friends" of clanmates) with games played, including BDO.
About your game play in BDO, you have been given so much advice and ignore said advice that no one wanted to answer you questions anymore. From the beginning, you've proven that you wanted to reach 50 to play with the rest of us as quickly as possible. You've wanted to do scrolls without none to contribute. When you finally had scrolls you were told we had a scroll group already but that some of us may be able to help you with your scrolls afterwards. The lack of clanmates playing the game makes it hard to keep multiple scroll groups going. Those of us in the the scroll group continue to contribute to the weekly scroll runs and we're keeping it that way because we know we can depend on that contribution to advance our characters. It's not a slight on anyone who is left out, including you.
Finally (I could say so much more on this but I am packing to move back to the States), to answer your question "Karduel do you like me?" (BTW, I was AFK at the time).......with a heavy sigh I have to answer No. The heavy sigh is because I try hard to get along with everyone but you repeat the same behaviors over and over again and it's getting annoying. Could that change in the future? Probably, but maturity is not measured in "biting my tounge", openly communicate and confront the issues and move on. Learn from your mistakes and don't ask questions or for advice just to ignore the answers.


RE: Burning Subject Regarding Spincs - Spincs - 07-28-2016

Look, Wehn i was approached by Mytheos today and asked to tell my side my side of the story, i wasnt told, that this would be a supposedly unban request, but it doesnt matter, go figures, whatever i said in my post sure as hell aint getting me unbanned, have fun.

RE: Burning Subject Regarding Spincs - Bustacaps - 07-28-2016

Well none of this post looks like a request to unban. It seems that you are truly unhappy playing with the group. I think you are better off finding another group due to the obvious tensions. I have had several conversations with you regarding the matter. However it does not appear there will be a solution. Hey man not everyone gets along. Im sure you will find another group and I wish you good luck man. Try and enjoy the game. I harbor no ill feelings towards you whatsoever and wish you the best of luck.


RE: Burning Subject Regarding Spincs - Pennilenko - 07-28-2016

It has been quite some time since I came to the forums to post. This is one such occasion to make my opinion heard.

Spincs, this is not intended to tear you down or make you ashamed. I am just giving my honest observations. I have never liked you. Even though I realize that I probably rub people the wrong way myself, you have consistently always been a hindrance to any meaningful discussion in any channel that you have been participating in. You relentlessly attempt to force your way into receiving our attention by endlessly pretending to know things that you do not. You often come across as pitiful and woefully under-educated despite your relatively privileged status. I say privileged status because you have attempted to regale us with tales of the various ways that you have been spoiled by the people in your life, including DgC members. So either you are full of shit, which I believe to be the case, or you are a spoiled brat who will likely never know the joy of struggling to maintain relationships with other real people.

Just two days before Dubs decided to ban you, I mustered a great deal of courage and decided to waste a good deal of my game time, which is limited, to talk to you about some of the things that you could do to avoid this scenario that has befallen you. I told you that you were rubbing many people the wrong way. Apparently you were too thick to understand that I was speaking to you earnestly. Your lack of ability to understand when somebody is being real with you is likely a side effect of your compulsive habit of lying. I value my time online, I do not get to enjoy much of it due to my responsibilities. Personally, I feel robbed by you. I can never get back that twenty minutes I spent going against my better judgement trying to save you from yourself. I am sad at my lack of judgement in this matter. Rest assured, I will make sure to never attempt such an effort in the future.

Please let this be a learning experience for you regarding the consequences of being fake and generally annoying. This is not a way that will garner you much support from the people that you meet in life. However, I have little faith that you will be able to understand the message of this post's content. Your personality is generally what I would consider to be a cacophonous dumpster fire of contradiction and stupidity. Similar to that trashy black metal that you hear coming out of Japan these days.

I have heard that you have promised to ruin the enjoyment of some close friends of mine in game. This is unsatisfactory. Please do not forget how kind this clan has been to you in tolerating your asinine hijinks . Also please do not forget that you live within driving distance.

In the case that you are still disillusioned about your status in this social group, kindly go fuck yourself.

RE: Burning Subject Regarding Spincs - Mytheos - 07-28-2016


Many of us in Team Speak have been tried having one on one conversations with you to help you fit in better because of a steep maturity difference. Since I've met you I've had you pegged as a younger guy trying to fit in with an older crowd, and desperately attempting to force it to work. It's time to let that go and move on to greener pastures.

Those who exist in our BDO core group are there because we all co-exist harmoniously. What I mean to say is: We all work on our characters sure but we all bring a lot to the table to contribute to each other and we give each other a lot of respect while doing it. If someone speaks into another without realizing or two people start talking at the same time usually both stop and allow the other to take the first turn. We don't want to be rude or dominate a conversation. If left unchecked you would banter on like a monolog only to allow someone to speak briefly to take it over again. I've personally encountered occasions where you have been going on and on about a topic that should have been done with ten minutes ago only to hear it loop back around to where it first started so you can talk about it all over again because it inflates your ego. Not because you have a big ego, because your ego is fragile and needing approval from those around you.

Apart from over-talking and hyping up your in-game feats, I've heard you on a few occasions mention topics that do not meet with our ethics in the game. I ask you not to misunderstand me, some of these things (such as an appetite for PvP) is a legitimate in-game aspect of BDO, but it simply isn't an aspect we would like to engage in unless forced to do so. Another example of what most of us would consider unethical is exploiting the game or other games for that matter. DGC does not approve of hacking or exploits. If this is in line with your interests, there are plenty of other gaming circles on the internet that would be happy to have you.

And finally, why in gods name would you start poking at people and name calling when people need a rest from you. You lost your temper and paid the price. Dubs initiated the TeamSpeak ban to keep the peace. Had I been in his shoes, I would have made the same move. However! It is all of us that enforced the choice because of the issues underlined in this subforum.

Be well and learn always.


RE: Burning Subject Regarding Spincs - Spincs - 07-28-2016

I stated my opinion, so have yall, whatever have fun ingame, Pennilenko dont try to scare me with the fact you are within driving distance, and Mytheos, ive never brought up the fact of exploiting or hacking around you guys, Yes ive called hacks on others, but ive never considered it in bdo or with dgc. Im done here, enjoy life, cya in game, hopefully it wont be on the wrong end of the sword....

RE: Burning Subject Regarding Spincs - Phakin-Sanity - 07-28-2016

Simple to say you couldn't follow rules, you admitted to cheating with cheat engine in multiplayer games which we do NOT do, you kept pestering not only me but others and poking at me when I had you muted just cause you wanted to talk to me when I didn't wish to speak to you because you are immature, you don't listen, you say things behind peoples backs like we aren't gonna find out about it, you have your chance to say your piece and then you go off about how dubs and I are assholes and your gonna flag up on us if you see us and ATTEMPT to pk us like a little child.

You need to smarten up, you need to learn to listen to rules, and you need to learn not to do things that you shouldn't be and to be an adult about situations otherwise you will have a 3rd group of people not want you around anymore, but that's my two cents about it, you have gotten what you deserve in the situation from no ones actions but your own.

RE: Burning Subject Regarding Spincs - Pantsu - 08-02-2016

Aww darn, looks like I've missed out on some juicy drama!

RE: Burning Subject Regarding Spincs - purebeau69 - 08-03-2016

Hey it's Jenny!