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Has anyone bought and played the first expansion for BF1?  I know a lot of us took a break but I kind of miss it.  Just wondering if I need to buy it to play with anyone.
The guys here who use consoles are loving them

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The new maps that is

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I really like the new maps...the game mode frontlines sucks though.
New maps are good though most are open area ones in which will have loads of snipers.

New game mode is a mix of conquest and rush. It can be fun depending on teams at times it can be very one sided though and round will end in less than 10 mins. Other times rounds go on for 45 mins and will seem a lot like operations as they are mortars that can be called onto enemy positions when the last objective is achieved.
New maps are great. Just depends on how you look at them. The following is a short compilation of my observances: 
1. Class Leveling
New maps are great for class leveling. A complaint has been made about how snipers are flooding the maps. However, a lot of these people do not know how to avoid snipers. A good majority of the maps contain a multitude of areas which contain areas that are vulnerable to flanking. Flanking is a snipers worst nightmare. 
ALL classes, will find it easy to rank and unlock with these new maps.
2. DICE has announced that they will be changing the way that they update. This means monthly patches/updates as opposed to seasonal patches/updates; which makes it way more inclusive.
3. New maps will be coming out in a couple of weeks, as well as, news guns.
4. Medics will now be able to "mark" people they are going to revive instead of the usual 15m away marker.

All in all, DICE had made considerable strides towards listening to the community and then acting upon complaints/advice. Which is more than I can say for a majority of gaming communities that ask for $50+ dollars. The improvements mentioned above are only small slivers of improvements being tested on the CTE. My Advice is to play some CTE and then give input and feedback about it. This is how we make games better. 

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