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I thought I'd post some tips for anyone who isn't a Battlefield veteran.  These are just some things I picked up over the years playing Dice's franchise:

Conquest Mode
1.  ALWAYS keep moving from point to point.  When you capture a point move on to the next point and repeat.  If you stick around too long you will most likely get outflanked.

2.  When you die, check the map for locations of your team.  For instance, if large portion of your team is moving into an objective from the East, see if you can spawn on a captured objective from a different direction.  90% of the time you can catch the enemy off guard in a flank.  This is super effective.

3.  The closest non-captured objective isn't always the best next target.  Again, check your map.  You might see enemy movement toward one of your captured objectives and need to move there to hold it.

4.  The "Q" key is your friend.  Spam the hell out that bitch lol.  You'll also get points if someone kills a soldier or vehicle while you have it spotted.

5.  Map knowledge is key.  We're all in the same boat here until we play and learn each map.  Dice will almost always have more than one (or two) pathways toward an objective.  I watched a few YouTube vids on some of the maps so I was kind of familiar with them.

6.  Use tanks as a distraction.  Tanks typically bring a lot of enemy attention their way.  If you see a friendly tank holding down a direction see if you can flank around the enemy and attack them from a different angle.  This is also super effective.

7.  In the same note as #6, use grouped up friendly troops as a distraction as well.  This is especially the case in BF1 with the trenches.  If you see a bunch of friendlies fighting in the trenches try to flank around.

8.  Don't be afraid to retreat.  If you peak a corner and see multiple enemies shooting your direction retreat back to cover.  More often than not they will become super aggressive and rush you 1 or 2 at a time.  I've won several firefights this way.

Defense is pretty self explanatory but for offense:

1.  Don't rush in right away.  Take a second, find some cover and scope into either of objective to see which one is more vulnerable to attack.

2.  Once you manage to plant at an objective (and you are working with a squad), one of you needs to try to make your way to plant the other objective while the rest of your squad defends.  One of the best ways to win Rush mode is to have both objectives armed simultaneously.  Typically, when one objective is armed MOST of the enemy team will turn their attention away from the unarmed one.

I really don't know what the f*** is going on with this yet lol

Bolt Action Rifles
1.  Manage your reloads / ammo.  For instance, the starting rifle has 10 rounds.  If you fire 5 rounds and reload, your character will do so with a full clip.  Pretty fast.  If you fire 4 rounds and reload, your character will place 4 additional rounds in the chamber individually.  Not so fast.  Sometimes it's best to burn an additional bullet or two to get a faster reload in the heat of battle.

2.  There's also a sweet spot for each weapon type.  These are mid-range rifles so I'd say between 40-60 yards will typically take 2-3 shots.

Sniper Rifles
1.  There is VERY LITTLE bullet drop in this game in comparison to past Battlefield games.  The only noticeable drop is over extreme long range shots.  For 95% of your shots put your crosshair on their face and fire.

Light Machine Guns
1.  The longer you hold down the trigger the more accurate these things are (while standing or crouched).  Do NOT burst fire them.

2.  If you can, go prone which will automatically deploy your bipod.  Makes these things shoot like lasers.

Tank Hunter (Special Pickup)
1.  You can't shoot this thing while standing or crouched.  You have to either be prone or bipod-ed next to a half wall or window.

2.  At medium to long range this thing will one-shot foot soldiers and I killed a light tank last night in 2 shots (not sure if it was full health though)
Thank for taking the time to write this should help some folk for sure
I forgot about vehicles. I don't really fly that much but I've spent quite a bit of time in tanks across the BF franchise.

1. Don't be TOO aggressive with tanks. Pushing blindly into a contested objective is a quick way of allowing enemies to swarm and kill you. What I usually do is sit back a bit, pump a few shells into the point to thin them out (which also allows your teammates to push in) and then drive closer to start capturing.

2. Regulate your ammo. If you're in a light tank and you spot a landship...that thing can kill you in 2 shots while it takes 4-6 of your own to kill them. On top of that you can only carry 4 shells at once. One trick that sometimes works is if you move, shoot, and then time their shot and stop. A lot of tank drivers will lead their target and if you stop suddenly the shell might miss or deal much less damage than a direct hit.

3. Be aware of your surroundings and, again, don't be afraid to retreat back to cover to repair. Unless you know it's clear don't stop out in the open to repair your tank. Taking a hit resets your repair progress.

4. Crazy Ivan. I do this every so often and it actually saved me three times last night. Occasionally look behind you to see if there are any sneaky bastards trying to C4 you.

5. Perspective / Camera. ALWAYS drive in 3rd person and ALWAYS fire in 1st person. The 3rd person camera allows you to see much more of the battlefield but the crosshair in 3rd person isn't very accurate i.e. it could look like you have a clear shot but in reality you're looking at a rock. Also, one thing I do is switch back to 3rd person every time I take a shot...unless I'm taking on another tank.
Great write up.
Here are some weapon tips I've learned:

1. When you have the warbonds and rank needed, buy the Automatico SMG. It will melt through anyone at close / medium range. At close range you can take out 2-3 enemies if they are grouped up with one clip. At medium range it will eat up one entire mag (typically)

2. Don't be afraid to try out the shotguns in the game especially on maps that have closer quarters (the city map, the village map, and Sinai if you stick to the small village come to mind). Use the Hellfighter Trench shotgun if you have it.

3. The SMG you get when you reach Assault rank 10 is the real deal though. It packs a 60 round drum and is fairly accurate at medium range. I'll probably exclusively use that once I can buy it.


1. The M1916 Marksman variant is the best rifle I've used. It's a 3 shot kill (2 if you land a headshot). Don't try to fire it too fast or you will lose accuracy and your shots won't connect. I figured this out after complaining that my shots weren't registering lol. Keep in mind that this rifle is great at medium and even somewhat long range but terrible at close range due to the scope.

2. There's one more rifle that I haven't used much but would be useful during more close quarters maps. I think it's the Autoloading 8 .35. It has a much faster fire rate than the M1916 and can usually win firefights against the M1916 at closer range.


1. The BAR. Holy shit. I wrote this off due to it's small mag size (20 rounds) but it's REALLY accurate even when standing or crouched. If you can manage your reloads i.e. shoot, kill, go back to cover, reload, repeat then you can do some real damage with it. I think I went 55-5 with this on the mountain map. Get one with a bipod.

2. The MG15 Suppressive variant is another good choice. It packs 200 rounds into it's drum and is perfect for people who like to flank. Don't NOT burst fire this thing. Just hold down that trigger and watch enemies melt. It will overheat though so listen for that.


1. This is my least played class so far. It just feels way different than in the beta. I didn't have hardly any issues hitting my shots on people standing still or prone as I do in the final release. Anyway, I haven't unlocked any of the rifles here but I will say if you want to be an aggressive sniper go with a rifle that only has iron sights. If you hit the rifle's sweet spot range you can one shot kill enemies.
More great tips from the master to us young Bfers Big Grin Thanks
Hey hey hey. I prefaced this entire thread to be for those who may not have that much BF experience lol. I'm no master lol. I just notice little things that others might not.

They should really up the squad / party limit in this game btw.
A few more weapon tips:

Scout Class:

1. The GEWEHR 95 Marksman is the easiest one to use imo because it has one key feature the other rifles do not...straight pull. Yep. This thing will allow you to scope in, fire, and stay scoped in for your next shot. Super useful for learning how to lead targets. The only downside is it does not have a sweet spot. This means that the only way you will get a one shot kill is with a headshot...which...if you're should be going for anyway.

2. Buy the Mars Automatic pistol when you can. It's basically BF1's version of the deagle. Super high damage and not bad at range.

Assault Class:

1. I've been using the Model A Hunter shotgun quite a bit. It's a one shot kill at around 5-20 yards, 2 shot kill from 0-5 yards (I know it doesn't make sense for a shotgun but I rarely get one shot kills from point blank) and about 20-30 yards depending on where you hit them.


1. The game really doesn't tell you this or give you any indication of it, but putting a bayonet on your primary slightly reduces it's accuracy and recovery time. It's not a lot but it may be enough to take the bayonet off if you don't really charge around looking for kills that way.

Behemoth (Train)

1. You can take down the train behemoth in 5 seconds with 5 assaults all loaded with anti tank mines, anti tank grenades and light anti tank grenades. It takes some coordination but I watched a video that confirms it
If you haven't yet, try out the impact grenade. Once you get a handle on throwing accuracy you can make quick work of grouped up enemies since this thing doesn't have an explosion delay.

Also, with the support weapons, do NOT move or strafe while firing. Your accuracy, even if you are holding down the trigger, goes down quite a bit as soon as you move. I was making this mistake quite a bit. You're making yourself a better target by just standing or crouching there but if you're the one that shoots first you should win the firefight depending on the range.
DANG IT.. I strafe all the time in every class... bah.
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