Full Version: Nostalgia Night
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When: Oct 8th at 8pm PST
What: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Why: BecauseĀ 

There is still a thriving community of BC2 and we aren't part of it. Being that a lot of us met playing BC2, I think we should rekindle that fun and take a long walk down the beaches of Isla Innocentes and see if we still got it.

So reinstall and lets see if we can get a few people to squad up and ignore the objective, flip some tanks over helicopters, troll newbs in Dallas, and do that Filthy shuffle.

Be there or be not there....whatever.
Damn! That sounds like fun.

Odds are against me making it, but I will try for sure

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are there still full-ish servers for this game?
(10-04-2016, 01:01 PM)purebeau69 Wrote: [ -> ]are there still full-ish servers for this game?

I played last night for 2 hours on about 3 different full servers. The community is alive and well for BC2.
I downloaded it last night.
Sweet I am in as well.
I'll get it installed, but I cant guarantee that I will be there. I am still technically on call with work and will be until Monday the 10th. We shall see what happens though. Count me in if I'm around.
Issom pointed out that I am likely the only one that lives on the West Coast (best coast). So I will be around far earlier than the original time of 8PM PST.
I am all set! Cya then
well 2 0f us made it lmao
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