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Got to play some of the open beta this morning....I like it so far.....Start downloading this sucker so we can have some fun
I started my download before I left this morning. I'll be on tonight!!!!!!!!
I didn't see the email this morning so it will be tomorrow before i'm on.
I really like it so far. It definitely has a hint of Battlefront with the UI but it is still Battlefield. It played silky smooth for me. Never had any stutter or glitching. Slicing someone while riding a horse is awesome and so is bayonet charging. Apparently each weapon has a "sweet-spot" when it comes to it's effectiveness at range; need to just practice them. Also need to adjust some graphical settings because I have a really hard time seeing inside windows. They are pitch black when I look at them and yet I constantly get sniped if I'm in one.

Sorry I had to bail on you guys last night. The little one was not happy (her mouth probably hurt from teething) and she was even more unhappy about us trying to get her to sleep lol.
I'm dling it right now, should be don in about 30 mins or less Smile
I really enjoyed playing this with everyone. Let's hope the technical issues are fixed before the game releases (especially the no weapon glitch lol).

Horses = OP
Tanks need buffed :-D
More snipers :-)
I too had a great time with it...looking forward to new maps lol
(09-08-2016, 12:47 PM)purebeau69 Wrote: [ -> ]More snipers :-)

How about no snipers, ever.

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I requested October 21st off from work (due for a day off anyway). Who's going to be online with me?!
I will schedule stuff around that day and Jam with ya
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