Full Version: New BF1 Video!
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God just take my money and give me the game already...

I just hope this is not another hype game.. all though we did enjoy Battlefield 4 for a decent time as well.

I"m ready for another Battlefield.
I am with ya on that....I need a new game badly I hope this kicks ass....This clip has got me a little pumped
Dice sure does know how to make a trailer.
Why is it not October yet!!

Man the Hype is real for this game.....Can't wait
Don't forget peeps, you can start preloading this Friday (according to Origin).

I watched a video of a guy (StoneMountain64) playing a new map set along a coastline. He was using the behemoth for that map (a giant battleship). Looks like a blast. Also there will be a ton of different primary and secondary weapons in the game. The open beta only scratched the surface apparently.
I am ret 2 go !!